Signing The Big Adventures of Mr. Small at the NY Public Library in Chinatown
Signing The Big Adventures of Mr. Small at the NY Public Library in Chinatown


INTRODUCTION:  I love to speak German and Italian. We learn a greeting and speak it!  

WHO IS JOANN ADINOLFI AND WHAT IS HER JOB: I talk about who I am and how I work.  I show and demystify how an illustration comes to life from the first little scribble to the finished page in the books! 

READ ALOUD: I will read aloud from one of my books. 

LET'S WRITE AND DRAW:  I teach how simple lines create mood.  We will discuss our character's mood, size, where it is, what it is doing et cetera.  I love to take suggestions from the children and we come up with a silly sentence or story idea, best part, we add speech bubbles.

QUESTIONS:  Here's your chance to ask me whatever you would like!

AGES AND DURATION:  I present to children from grades K-4.  The presentations vary slightly.  I prefer somewhat smaller groups to really large groups.  I can do up to four 45 minute presentations per day. Please contact me to request a pdf of the detailed presentations.


I can also stop by to read a few books one class at a time.  Sometimes you might not want to hear me talk about myself or my books or watch me draw.  Sometimes it is just fun to READ ALOUD!  I have lots of titles to choose from.  GRADES K-3   FORTY FIVE MINUTES


At your school, library or bookstore, I'll work with children to get the juices flowing to create their own stories.  I give examples to follow.  In the process, we learn to create a story line from scribbles and random words. The children may continue the story or springboard from there onto something else.  I hand out sheets for inspiration and organization  Pencils and erasers and lots of scrap paper are required! No experience in writing and illustration is necessary!  This workshop is one and half hours in duration and is bet suited to smaller groups.  AGES 6 AND UP!


The ups and downs of a picture book creator who is not a super star and how she as managed to survive all these years in this bunny eat bunny business.

I would love to come to your conference, library or book store to talk about what it takes to survive in the crazy bunny eat bunny world of children's books.  I'll talk about how I got my first book published, my work, reviews, rejection, taking a long break to raise kids, working with kids, returning to the industry after the digital revolution, social media, exhaustion and more!  This is a motivational workshop that can apply to many fields and one to which men and woman can relate, and is great for those who have been in careers for a long time and can help prepare young people for the ups and downs which they may experience during their careers.  ONE HOUR PRESENTATION


JoAnn came to my classroom to share one of her books with the children. She captured their attention from the first moment and kept them with her. She provided movement,humor and an art project. They were all confident that they were illustrators after.  Donna Maher M.Ed. Kindergarten Teacher Stratham Memorial School


JoAnn is an enthusiastic presenter!  After seeing her presentation, the children were eager to write and illustrate their own books!  Christina Gaynor Kindergarten Teacher Stratham Memorial School


We've been getting such great feedback this week from teachers about our guest readers from last Friday!  The kindergartners and first graders truly loved your story.  I cannot thank you enough for visiting our school!  Kimberley Dreier  M.Ed.  Special Ed. Case Manager (K-1) Nottingham School


Please contact me for pricing.  My fees range from $100 for a 30 minute reading session to $800 for an all day school visit with four full presentations.  For visits more than 30 minutes away, there is $30 per total hour of driving time and if I have to get there by plane, we need to TALK!    By the way, all fees are negotiable!